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What type of service woman would I be if I didn't bring you VALUE!

I have a heavy emphasis on lifestyle. Mind, Body, & Work life balance. That being said, I have partnered with some FANTASTIC brands... or should I say BRANDZ, to provide you with EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS!

They range from clothing, fitness, and even tools that will help YOU better your own digital marketing.


Grow your business...for less

Did you know 50% of small business/associations close their doors within the first five years? Did you know that e-mail marketing is still the front leader in growth and sales? Well, don't be like that 50% that closes. Let's start thinking about improving your e-mail campaigns! I can offer you a free month+ of service through #ConstantContact! I have guides to help each and every market too! Just reach out to me, and we can get you setup!


Help your pet be the best version of themselves!

This small business with a great mission is helping calm and sooth your pets ailments. Get 15% OFF of your order with code 15BUTTER


Change your coffee experience!

Javy makes specialty coffee concentrates that are packed with delicious flavor. No more coffee makers, brewing equipment, or time wasted -- just tasty cold brew coffee anyway you like it, at the drop of a hat.


Coffee on ME!

You heard that right! COFFEE! I love making my coffee at home, and Coffee Over Cardio has found that balance of yummy flavoring + quality beans! They also provide HYDRATE, which is one of my FAVORITE items to use... because, well... it does what it says it HYDRATES you, and tastes AMAZINGGGG! Coffee Over Cardio also provides bundle kits, k-podsground coffee, and even tools to help you with your barista skills! 


Make your social media and business EASY!

Nothing is worse than having social media... and not knowing what to do with it! Let's change that! TODAY, use MY FAVORITE tool... CANVA!


10/10 GOOD DOGS deserve 10/10 GREAT TREATS!

Get your good trouble makin' best friend the most natural,

high quality, organic ingredients. My friend Alyssa has taken on the endeavor of bringing yummy human-grade treats with an adorable aesthetic. Get 15%OFF your order with code Butter15

PLANOLY - Blog Post - Market Your Online

Productively Efficient

Have you heard about Planoly? No? Well, it is a GAME CHANGER! Obviously, I would love to take on your marketing needs... but I also want to empower you to make your own decisions, and grow organically as well. If you win, I win! This tool well help you plan and automize your content.  

Fitness Tools

Fabletics Deals?!

For new VIP members, you can get up to 50% off on all of your future purchases! I seriously LOVE Fabletics. The clothing feels amazing, and it makes me feel GOOD. Plus I look really cute in the outfits. :) 

Image by Karsten Winegeart


The best way too look like you are EVERYWHERE with minimal effort! Just repurpose your content on all the platforms to streamline your success!

Stay Fit Stay Strong Fitness & Gym Instagram Post (1).png

Let's get fit!

A huge passion of mine is fitness. Healthy mind, healthy body, & healthy habits. Are all things that I hold close to my heart. You can get freeshipping with the link below, or if you want to jump start your fitness journey and allow me to help you with that journey.. DOWNLOAD MY APP & We can get started. 


You gonna learn today!

As an advocate of growth, I am also an advocate for education. Shaw Academy is a platform that can help you learn practically ANYTHING! May that be Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, or heck even learn how to crochet! I am able to provide you a $30 OFF discount for your courses! How exciting!

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