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Commercial Building

What is CRE?

Commercial real estate (CRE) is property that is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace rather than as a living space, which would instead constitute residential real estate. Most often, commercial real estate is leased to tenants to conduct income-generating activities. This broad category of real estate can include everything from from a single storefront to a huge shopping center.

Commercial real estate includes several categories, such as retailers of all kinds, office space, hotels & resorts, strip malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.


What is People In CRE?

PEOPLE IN CRE is a web series that introduces and engages some of my favorite Industry Leaders. The goal is to create a community of Commercial Real Estate individuals, AND increase awareness of CRE. My intention is to develop and grow with each other. Share our experiences, may that be good and bad. Provide you with industry news, and job opportunities.

There are TWO segments of #PeopleInCRE


2. PEOPLE IN CRE- Emerging Leaders

Image by Kate Macate

You got an invitation, why?

I think you have a lot of value to bring to the channel/community. Chances are I have known you for awhile, and we have seen each other grow in various facets of life. I ask you to be apart of this project because I adore you, and want to share your victories. I think you can add a great perspective to our viewers and potential speakers.

Commercial Building

Why should you join in on the project?

Although this project is new. It has a lot of potential. Not only is this a great marketing opportunity for your company, and personal brand. This will give you an opportunity to CREate meaningful connections. To collaborate with other like minded individuals. To share your story. To find a mentor, a job, or a new employee. To learn about the CRE industry, and to get involved. 

Most importantly, the opportunity to GROW!


What is an Emerging Leader?

An emerging leader is typically a millennial(1981-1996) or younger. You are, like me, the FUTURE of our industry. There is so much opportunity for growth, and development. Let's lean on one another, and create a positive and productive community.

Image by NordWood Themes

How do I get involved?

You can get involved three ways.

1. Be a speaker!

2. Be a contributor- Have a knack for writing? Feel Free to join in on this #tribe

3. Join our Community

4. Share! Post, Repost, Like, ENGAGE!

E-Mail Me, Call Me, or Find Me on ANY of my Social Media Platforms.

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Taking Notes

What should I expect in my first interview?

Lucky for you! I CREated a tips & tricks guideline for you! 

Image by Simone Secci

Other Questions?

There may be some other questions you have, like: "Who are previous speakers?" "Who will be speaking?" "Why do you have a SHOP option?"

All those will be addressed here!

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